Guerilla maab res•ur•rect•ed

    [Hook - 2x]
    We be, the M double A-B
    Cocking and have my back, taking out all our enemies
    We be, the M double A-B
    Ain't no problem the point, that's to make all you bitches bleed

    [Dougie D]
    We be, the M double A-B
    Infrared beams up on brains, and we making bitches see
    Motherfucker don't play with me, cause shit could escalate and get deep
    We pack techs, 22's, AK-47's glad to meet you heat
    It be me the D-O-U-G, represent the M double A-B
    I might pick up the Glock and let off some shots
    You don't really wanna be around me, son of a bitch don't you test these G's
    It ain't a thing, to grab the thang and squeeze, we be fucking boys up
    And leaving boys fucked, and that's the way that shit be
    Who that there wanna do that there
    Like fucking with a nigga that'll part your hair
    You ain't know I was going there, you ain't know I was Maabing yeah
    Nigga D, Z-Ro, Trae like desperadoes knocking all bitches fake balling
    Too late to think about what your ass would be doing, if you had stay home
    And I stay long, give you bitches what you need fuck what you want
    We rugged and rough and stay tough, and that's the way that we get gone
    We Maab on a bitch, ain't no weakest link we all roll on a bitch
    Family connect and collide, leaving boys shot up and shit cause we

    [Hook] - 2x]

    Hokes, murderers, jackers, that's my motherfucking family
    And fuck the police, cause they would never understand me
    I'm criminal minded, kicking in your door with a shot behind it
    And I don't never be givin a damn about nothin, kickin up dust mean muggin
    Cussing all the time, when I pull out my calico opposition be falling down
    Like rain drops when the pain stops, you'll be over
    Shouldn't of removed the motherfucking chip on my shoulder
    A soldier fa sho, like sho nuff I got to glow
    24/7 about my paper stack, I gotta get my do'
    And ain't bond a damn thang, trying to put punches on punk ass niggas brain
    Busting like open the pain, cheifing potent mary jane
    Got me lifted since I'm talented and gifted, I'm going off
    Call me Viagra rapper, going hard never going soft
    Everybody we be, the M double A-B
    Cocking our weapon and stepping up in your fecinity, S-E-T tripping

    [Hook - 2x]

    Never see what your boxing game about
    Running off at the mouth, you fin to get bumped off
    Guerilla militia be ready for combat, strapped up with a sawed off
    Turn off the lights, half of you niggas don't really wanna fight
    So I'm gone end it for you, bout to come nigga you better run
    Cause I'll sweep the block, when I'm aiming for you
    Like De La Hoya we body blow ya, then knock em over like Sammy Sosa
    Still letting off shots in a Cheve, Guerilla Maab fin to come take it over
    Don't take it litley I'm not politely, I know you despite me nigga and what
    You better check yourself, 'fore you wreck yourself
    Or you get found dumped off in a cut, fucked up
    When I go hit up I ain't gon duck, when I pull out nigga you outta luck
    Thinking you Superman, when I bust I bet you don't get back up
    Your life I bet you can't lift that up, your blood I bet you can't pick that up
    Your lip I know that I'll split that up, and I'm steadily taking you niggas lunch
    You better stay out of my way, motherfuckers fin to get they words
    They straight up, on the microphone you get ate up, on the shelf
    You fin to get layed up, and on the block you fin to get sprayed up
    Steady fucking up you haters later, you don't want none
    Cause I'm gon fade you, whether you locally or you major nigga

    [Hook - 2x]

    Guerilla Maab Res•Ur•Rect•EdGuerilla Maab Res•Ur•Rect•EdGuerilla Maab Res•Ur•Rect•EdGuerilla Maab Res•Ur•Rect•Ed