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    I want to also say this, and this is important : I’m sure this dude is actually a really nice guy and I wish him no ill which is why I’m not putting his name on this. H9 the sin and love the sinner. I just want to have a conversation, amongst friends, about how fucking impossible it is to talk about one’s own music (or anybody else’s music) in this kind of environment where you’re working in somebody else’s crazy intellectual ecosystem.  I don’t read a lot of writing about music, so interview questions are, for me, a good weather report about the way people are talking about what’s up. For me, my first port of call with other people’s music is usually the music itself, live, or on recording and with the score if that’s a thing; I know that this is a luxury and that many listeners first hear about music in print or online, and usually as a result of the good efforts of Dude to champion the music he likes. So I am not, in any way, trying to set Dude on fire. I’m sure if we had been in the same room, it would have been different, and from the sounds of it, he actually probably likes a lot of the same music I like, and perhaps even my own music.  It’s just one of those “I got up at five o’clock in the morning to answer these ASAP questions and I wish you had had two genuine questions rather than half of an idea and I wish you had asked questions based on curiosity not on some insane set of presumptions.” === BEGIN THREAD === Hi.  I feel like you are operating under a bunch of really stressful misconceptions about how music works, but I think I made it through [these questions] with only a few singed eyebrows. MAIN PROBLEM: you have not asked a single question about notes and rhythms, just about like, perception of scenes that don’t exist?  But we will address that, and various problems, as they arise in this enfilade of horrors.

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    General Degree PianistGeneral Degree PianistGeneral Degree PianistGeneral Degree Pianist