Various top pop's '66

    Depeche Mode have made the Pensacola Civic Center their spring training ground for the same reason that Janet Jackson, among others, came here recently: The rent's cheap. On the downside, unfortunately, there's the fact that the only club the group has found in town has a mirrored ball and a DJ who struts around in a tux; the fact that the "security guard" at the Pensacola Hilton is a Depeche Mode fan who's spent most of his time asking for free concert tickets and eight-by-tens of the band; and, of course, the fact that in an area of the Gulf Coast known as the Redneck Riviera, there are a lot of guys in trucks who think the members of Depeche Mode are "faggots."

    Unlike topics which are discussed for a length of time, such as the phone hacking scandal, trending topics see huge numbers of Twitter users debating subjects as they happen.

    Various Top Pop's '66Various Top Pop's '66Various Top Pop's '66Various Top Pop's '66