Justin tewn and hunter a.d. hunter ad science of industry / junkyard dog

    The Chicago Hardcore Authority was one of the first crews to bring jungle/dnb to the forefront in the mid west, who were the members and what were some of the best moments?
    CHA was one iconic junglists response to us – Ripe. CHA was Jason Jellybeans idea and it was JJ Jellybean, Brian ( MC Blackeye – ) Myself, Justin Tewn, Hunter AD, Brian (Phantom 45) & Phil Freeart got involved. Also the Bad Girls & several others I’m probably forgetting. Highlights would be cutting one of the first dub plates stateside and playing it out – that was big for us. Two of us from CHA morphed into Jungle Ting with Dubshack. Our first show (for CHA as Jungle Ting) would be 1994 Fuse @ 3333 W. Grand Warehouse where we snubbed Keoki ( he was the bait / paid our production bills ) and replaced him W/DJ Phantasy from rinse FM. Trace from Kool FM and Ruffneck from Toronto. DJ Phantasy just produced the beats to a mash-up Em’s “Rap God” beat with MC Shotta’s lyrics. The fasted lyrical challenge to Eminims. After 20 years in the game – DJ Phantasy’s still very relevant – YUSS!