Green court shining

    The story that you are about to hear was all my doing. I wished it, I willed it, I spelled it. So listen well little ones, for I am Morgan Le Fay – the sorceress, no less – the queen of the Welsh Witches, and the enchanting enemy of King Arthur.

    Before any reclamation, Tai Kok Tsui was geographically a long island of Hong Kong of granite linked by an isthmus at its north to Kowloon Peninsula . The long granite hill divided the reclamation in its east and dock area in the west in 1924. The tip of the cape hosted the Asia oil tanks. The area was mainly for dock facilities at this period as reflected in present-day Anchor Street . The Cosmopolitan Dock survived till the 1960s which is now Cosmopolitan Estate ( 大同新邨 ).

    Green Court ShiningGreen Court ShiningGreen Court ShiningGreen Court Shining