Laibach wirtschaft ist tot

    Souli is a community originally settled by refugees who were hunted by the Ottomans in Paramythia , Thesprotia , Greece . [9] Christoforos Perraivos , considered the only one who could have a reliable opinion on the origins of Souliotes because he had personal contacts with them, reports that according to elder Souliotes' narration, the first inhabitants came to Souli in the 16th century from the neighbouring villages, fleeing the Turks. [10] According to Perraivos the first Souliotes were about 450 families. In time, immigrants from elsewhere, attracted by the privileges of autonomy in Souli, assimilated and were also named Souliotes. The Greek peasants who tilled Souliot land were distinguished by the name of the village in which they dwelt. Clan, class and territorial labels had significance in addition to religion. [11]

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    Laibach Wirtschaft Ist TotLaibach Wirtschaft Ist TotLaibach Wirtschaft Ist TotLaibach Wirtschaft Ist Tot