Omni trio - twin town karaoke / trippin' on broken beats

    Inevitably, Scorponok's band of Earthbound Decepticons met with Ratbat 's band of Earthbound Decepticons, and a group including Mindwipe was given a really boring tour by Starscream of Ratbat's island headquarters . When the tour's star attraction, the kidnapped Buster Witwicky , unwittingly let slip that Ratbat was searching for a powerful artifact called the Underbase , Scorponok was enraged. Scorponok took Mindwipe and the others to confront Ratbat for hording such information, and a civil war broke out between the two Decepticon camps. Cold War! In time, they discovered that this fight was in line with Starscream's plan to seize the Underbase's power for himself, and a cease-fire was agreed upon. But this reprieve was short, as the Autobots were drawn to the island base by Starscream's manipulations as well. Mindwipe was quick to maul the hapless Beachcomber before another cease-fire was brokered, this time between the two opposing faction. Starscream went on a rampage, armed with the Underbase's cosmic energy, but partially-organic Transformers were immune to its power. The Decepticons suffered many casualties, but Mindwipe was not among them. Dark Star

    In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood , the Chaotix helped . gather clues about the Marauders and find out where they imprisoned Knuckles . After pinning down four possible hideouts, Vector met Sonic over .'s channel and promised his team would gather intel on Shade .

    In 2006, a civil suit was filed against H Mart for discrimination against whites when three tenants of the West Willow Shopping Mall that the company had moved into and then bought in Willowbrook, Canada . The three complainants, Rose Farrell of Colour Tech Hair Studio, John Pook of Peter F. Pook Insurance, and Lynn Wallace of Frames West Gallery filed a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal alleging that the company wanted to turn it into an Asian-only market. [18] All three made the claim when their leases weren't renewed despite being long-term lease holders within the mall. In late 2007, tribunal member Lindsay Lyster dismissed their complaint on the grounds it had no reasonable prospect of success and did not merit a hearing. She found the complainants' evidence in support of their claim was not strong and the respondents disputed what they did have. Lyster wrote:

    The original Zs'Skayr was once the High Ecto-Lord of  Anur Phaetos . He learned about the Omnitrix from the data files of one of  Vilgax 's data probes, which crash-landed on his planet. Not long afterward, he met up with Myaxx while she was scouting the planet for DNA samples, offering his assistance in acquiring samples from the nearby planet of Flors Verdance .

    Omni Trio - Twin Town Karaoke / Trippin' On Broken BeatsOmni Trio - Twin Town Karaoke / Trippin' On Broken BeatsOmni Trio - Twin Town Karaoke / Trippin' On Broken BeatsOmni Trio - Twin Town Karaoke / Trippin' On Broken Beats