Box blaze bullet breaker

    All are shiny with perfect 5-6IV spreads and Kalos born unless marked otherwise:

    Arcanine, Jolly, Intimidate with Close Combat and Morning Sun

    Another important change is the inclusion of Fate's backstory, particularly Linith , who has only appeared in Nanoha Sound Stage 02 and not in the original series itself. The movie also gives a more sympathetic characterization to Presea Testarossa , who comes to realize the wrongness of her actions towards Fate in the end, though it doesn't change the original ending where she and Alicia's body disappear in the imaginary space . In-universe (that is, in the primary continuity, where the movie exists as a semi-fictional work), this is explained by Fate's demands that her mother is depicted more favorably.

    Box Blaze Bullet BreakerBox Blaze Bullet Breaker