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    Detective Constable, Derbyshire Constabulary I have been a user of Airwave in South Yorkshire for a while. I wear my radio on my protective vest to the left of my chest. I have noticed when I have got undressed from work I have a red mark on the left side of my chest where my radio is. This concerns me. SK, Barnsley I am a serving police Officer in the South Yorkshire Service. We have had TETRA for nearly a year now, and we have just become aware of the Trower report. The whole thing has consequently snowballed and along with my inspectors we are gathering as much evidence in order to put a case to the Federation initially. If nothing comes from that then more radical action will have to be taken on a large scale, as this situation is totally unacceptable by all the serving officers I have had contact with. Where are our human rights now?? KW, South Yorkshire As an officer I am concerned over the health implications regarding AIRWAVE. I have been informed that if any officer refuses to use the tetra/airwave hand sets they will be give a 6 week ‘cooling off’ period, they will then be asked again as a direct and lawful order to use the equipment, if the answer is No, then disciplinary action will take place and the officer will be asked to resign. What would happen if you refused to resign, is not known? Many of the officers in Norfolk are unaware of the concerns and health risk, this is due to management bulling, threats and punishment postings, to deter any ‘up-rising’. Both management and Police Federation, are stating that there is no evidence to support the ‘stopping’ of AIRWAVE on health grounds. I consider it a cop out and it’s all to do with money politics and nothing more! GC, Norfolk I am a serving police Officer and have only just discovered this site! Having just read the Trower report on the TETRA radios as well as information on here, to say I am worried is an understatement. I feel that concern is growing within my force regarding the safety of the equipment we have been told to use: note that we haven’t been consulted on the equipment. Many Officers have expressed concern and have stated that they are considering not using the handsets, although enquiries are ongoing as to the backlash from Senior Officers and future disciplinary action against us should we do so. I will pass your website on to my colleagues and hopefully things may move forward and theu will actually have the chance to read what is actually going on. DM, South Yorkshire As members of Strathclyde Police, we were aware of the risks and investigations into Tetra and its adverse health risks. We contacted our Federation regarding Airwave implementation and asked: could we refuse to use it on health and safety grounds? We were told we would have to ‘make a personal choice’. We asked again what that meant, and again the reply was ‘make a personal choice’. This can only be left to imply that any ‘down tools’ time would result in disciplinary or complete removal action from the heirarchy. More notably, it also hints that our Federation, as you can see refusing to provide any explanation or consult to existing legislation that would either help or hinder our ‘down tools’ time, has consulted with the heirarchy regarding the ‘down tools’ option. Why else would they be so swift and concise with their answer? However, to date, our hierarchy has made no comment, either official or not, regarding the highlighted dangers of the Airwave system. Why would they? They have too much to lose. Lambs to the slaughter rings to mind. How do these people sleep at night? They sell the officers they are paid to protect so cheaply, but at least we’re expendable... P, Strathclyde Whilst surfing, I came across this file:

    Airwave - Another DimensionAirwave - Another DimensionAirwave - Another DimensionAirwave - Another Dimension