Polar - 37°c. and falling

     · When I was in Canada, it was really cool to see everyone using the metric system. But what made me a little nuts was how everyone pronounced the word ...

    Weatherzone makes it easy for you to choose the access level that suits you best from a huge range of weather information and tools unrivalled in Australia.

    Carbon dioxide is soluble in water, in which it reversibly forms H
    2 CO
    3 ( carbonic acid ), which is a weak acid since its ionization in water is incomplete.

    You may have seen different types of yeast for different purposes; for example, there are beer yeasts (top-cropping ale strains and bottom-cropping lager strains); baker's yeast for bread-making; red and white wine yeasts; and even genetically engineered yeasts used for industrial alcohol production. Many are just different strains of the same yeast but grow differently. A good research question might be: how do different yeasts affect the production of alcohol from grape juice?

    Of course, various climate change mitigation actions could ultimately reduce that larger heat forcing and final related loss of glacial ice . But with carbon still accumulating in the atmosphere and with Trump and other politicians around the world seeking to slow or sabotage a transition away from fossil fuels, then it goes to follow that enacting such an aggressive mitigation will be very difficult to manage without an overwhelming resistance to such harmful policy stances.

    Note that the reduction in energy use for space heating thanks to more efficient homes was less than 20 percent from 1993 to 2005. Lowering the thermostat by 2° C (or 4°F) would thus result in energy reduction comparable to that. Turning down the thermostat from 22° to 18° C would initiate an energy savings of at least 35 percent. And, as we shall see, significantly lower indoor temperatures are perfectly possible without sacrificing comfort.

    I believe the -re at the end is the British spelling, and even within the United States this kind of usage varies. Having grown up adding the -re when spelling theat(re), and thinking that Americans used the -er, I was surprised to discover that some places in the US also use the -re spelling, though I was correct in assuming that thea(er) is much more common.