Methexis - the fall of bliss

    Although Greece doesn’t have a large progressive rock scene, the top- selling artists of recent years both abroad and in Greece have included Greek groups. One of these is Methexis, a musical project in which Nikitas Kissonas (formerly of Verbal Delirium and Yianneis) experiments with the combining of influences from contemporary and classical orchestral music, jazz and music theatre with a rock aesthetic. After years as a solo artist, Kissonas has now joined forces with Thodoris Christodoulou, Mampre Kasardjian and Haris Botsis. Following the success of their second CD, Suiciety, in April 2015, which combined brass instruments with animation and performance, Methexis return with an enhanced performance of this repertoire. Appearing as a four-piece band with the addition of guest musicians, Methexis will thus be presenting Suiciety along with their first live performance of the entire rock suite The Fall of Bliss from their first CD, along with some surprises for lovers of progressive rock.

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    Methexis - The Fall Of BlissMethexis - The Fall Of BlissMethexis - The Fall Of BlissMethexis - The Fall Of Bliss