Rotting in dilemma holy junkies ep

    Christ was crucified on earth and the Church is crucified by all of us, by her members most particularly, because she is a church of sinn...

    One thing I have noticed while reading various stories on this site is the common "don't like, don't read" warning. I would say that that is applicable to this story - for the reasons listed above, and one other thing. This story is going to also be innately political. It won't be too relevant for quite a bit, but you'll see it spring up every now and then, alongside moral ideology. So I'm sure many of you may be wondering what the siding is of this story. A lot of readers might be surprised to find out that The Reaper and the planned sequels have a conservative leaning to them. That said, there will probably be things that everyone sees here that they may not like or agree with. And that's alright; it's perfectly common for rational people to not see eye-to-eye on this kind of stuff. But I also want you all to keep this in mind: viewpoints change - sometimes even drastically. I can say without a doubt that the majority of you have embraced opinions that you didn't support years ago. Again, this is natural. Views are apt to change over time, and that will be present in this story as well. One other thing that I want to state - and this is not only important in reading this story, but also in day to day life - is that there have been shitty people from all sides of the political spectrum. Whether it be the fascists of Europe and the Middle East to the communists throughout the USSR and Asia, every extremist point on the spectrum has wrongfully spilled blood. This story also serves as a big middle finger to the intolerance and moral bankruptcy of extremists on all sides.

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