Dave stapleton flight

    Flight is already the prolific Stapleton’s eighth release as a leader. The inclusion of Neset is astute, given that his Edition debut Golden Xplosion caused such a stir in 2011. The so-called Third Stream genre has been amalgamating spheres of jazz and classical music since the 1950s, and even though such elements have lately become more naturally integrated, their joining still provokes a sense of wariness in both listening camps.

    ‘There are many brilliant young pianists, composers, arrangers and band leaders out there. However, it is very rare that we get everything in one package as we in Dave Stapleton’s Flight. Had he been American, he had been a super star in the jazz family already’. SIDE 2 

    Dave Stapleton FlightDave Stapleton FlightDave Stapleton FlightDave Stapleton Flight