The flow - the flow

    What made you want to look up water flow ? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

    Because we love illustrations we have Flow-posters: posters in A4 or A3 size with an illustration of one of our Flow-illustrators. From €12,95.

    The opposite can also be true. A company may be receiving massive inflows of cash, but only because it is selling off its long-term assets. A company that is selling itself for parts may be building up liquidity , but it is limiting its potential for growth in the long term, and perhaps setting itself up to fail. In the same vein, a company may be taking in cash by issuing bonds and taking on unsustainable levels of debt. For these reasons it is necessary to view a company's cash flow statement , balance sheet and income statement together.

    The Flow - The FlowThe Flow - The FlowThe Flow - The FlowThe Flow - The Flow