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    A week and a half went by and I did not hear from them. I gave them a call and they took down my name and number and told me they would get back to me. They never did...I called them two more times. They finally put me on hold and then actually quoted me $100 more than they had originally quoted me! This whole time I thought my glass table top was ready to go! I have company coming over in a few days and really wanted this table top by then! When I asked them why they did not have it ready. They said they had to send the template somewhere else to be looked at. I received no phone call telling me this. They also told me they are not sure if they can get my template back to me.

    Contractors in South Carolina do not have to be licensed to do residential construction. Any commercial project with a cost of $5000 and up requires a licensed commercial contractor.

    The Gambrells Gambrell's Jive Talk