Seja - we have secrets but nobody cares

    With more than a decade of experience across multiple bands, Seja is finally ready to take on the world on her own.

    The Brisbane synth artist may be recognised from her work with Regurgitator and Sekiden, but with one solo album already to her name, Seja has shaken the stage fright that plagued her in her early years.

    “When I first started in Sekiden I was just a kid, I was terrified of everything and a painfully shy kid. I remember before we played a show I was mortified that we would have to play live, I would just stare at my fingers. I definitely feel like I've become more confident as a performer.”

    Her debut album, ‘We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares’, was a more personal affair, centred around vintage analogue synthesizers. But upcoming release ‘All Our Wires’ is set to go beyond the synth-centric sound.

    “The last album that I did was predominately on keyboards – an ode to the analogue synthesizer and with this one I wanted a fuller sound, I used some acoustic instruments as well in the hope of expanding my sound a little bit.

    “But the main thing was just to make an album. I put a lot of thought into the writing, the recordings – it was a much bigger effort, both physically and emotionally than the first one.”
    Although she finds the solo path to be more fulfilling, Seja now admits there are more obstacles in her way.

    “It's definitely more challenging. With Sekiden, Simon [Graydon] is an incredibly prolific songwriter who just shoots out pop gems everyday. So with that band, I wasn't the boss of anything and I liked it that way, I got used to only having to make a few decisions. But now I have to make every decision and even the smallest decision like ‘what do I want this guitar to sound like’ or ‘what do I want the toms like’ – I have no idea about drums!”

    Though there is nothing set in stone yet, Seja hopes to see many cities in the wake of the release.

    “Hopefully I'll be doing lots of touring. I'll be doing a real little tour for the album launches and then doing lots of shows, I hope. I'm really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen because I feel like I know just a little bit more now.”

    Seja plays Black Bear Lodge June 23. ‘All Our Wires’ is out June 21.

    Seja - We Have Secrets But Nobody CaresSeja - We Have Secrets But Nobody CaresSeja - We Have Secrets But Nobody CaresSeja - We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares