Him - live in hel . ep

    When he was killed by Metatron whilst using the Mark of Cain , Dean returned as a demon and a  Knight of Hell  loyal only to himself. He was then cured by his brother using purified blood . Eventually, the Mark was removed, but the price was that the Darkness has now been released into the world, something Dean tried to avoid.

    She kills the churchgoers, once again challenging God to appear. He’s still a no-show. But Dean finds himself drawn to her presence while investigating the murders and ends up going from a crowded city street to an empty field in the blink of an eye. Now that they’re alone, Amara explains that her issues are with her brother, not with his creation. So what is the big spat about with The Darkness and God? According to her, he was fearful that she would make a more perfect creation, so he exiled her. Meanwhile, God “went all Donald Trump, tooting his own horn,” Dean finishes. (Bet you didn’t ever think you’d hear God compared to Donald Trump!)

    HIM - Live In Hel . EPHIM - Live In Hel . EPHIM - Live In Hel . EPHIM - Live In Hel . EP