Various vans warped tour '06

    [Now] I think the community is, for many reasons, not as unified as it used to be… And to be honest, it gets a little frustrating now, because we invest in bands, and all of a sudden they’ll shift their focus. You invest a lot of time in them for a summer, and then you want to try to bring them back when they’re gonna start meaning something, and they go off in a different direction, for whatever reason.

    In British English , the word van refers to vehicles that carry goods only, on both roads and rails. What would be called a minivan in American English is called a people-carrier or MPV , or multi-purpose vehicle, and larger passenger vehicles are called a minibus . The Telegraph newspaper introduced the idea of " White Van Man ", a typical working class man or small business owner who would have a white Ford Transit , Mercedes-Benz Sprinter , or similar panel van. Today the phrase "man and van" refers to light removal firms normally operated by a sole business owner transporting anything from the contents of a whole house to just a few boxes. The word "van" also refers to railway covered goods wagons , called "boxcars" in the United States .

    1996 was the first year for Vans as a sponsor and they have been the main sponsor ever since carrying their name in the title.

    "Vans was harvesting relevancy—putting in the work years and years ago to ensure future success." — Brian Trunzo

    Benji and Joel Madden described it best during their final set to a crowded pool deck of adoring fans, “This feels like a big family reunion.” It really was. For four nights at sea, it was like 2003 all over again. As you’ll see in the photos below, nobody seemed to mind.

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    On one side, you have the old-school punk crowd: men (and some women) who argue that the purpose of punk rock is to upset the status quo, to cross the line, to fuck shit up and take no prisoners doing so. They say punk is about anything but being safe, and to police it so it’s digestible to all is to strip it of its very essence. One should go to a punk rock show prepared for anything, even — and maybe especially — to hear offensive content.

    Various Vans Warped Tour '06Various Vans Warped Tour '06Various Vans Warped Tour '06Various Vans Warped Tour '06