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    Following the civil war that broke out in December 2013, a peace agreement signed in August 2015 provided for the creation of a transitional power-sharing government that would include members of the current administration as well as members from the rebels. It was implemented in April 2016 and was intended to function for 30 months, with, among its tasks, the goal of organizing elections 60 days prior to the end of the transitional period. The incumbent president remained in place and appointed a first vice president, selected from the rebel group, in accordance with the terms of the peace agreement. After the creation of the transitional government, the administration had 90 days to transform the National Legislative Assembly into the Transitional National Legislative Assembly, which included the members of the former plus an additional 68 members: 50 from the South Sudan Armed Opposition, 1 former detainee, and 17 from other political parties. The other legislative body, the Council of States, remained unchanged in the new transitional government.

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