Aetheric mantra

    When you’re on the move and need a quick fix for focus, grounding, clearing, calming and becoming centered, sacred geometry living on your phone or tablet is a great solution.

    Carry aetheric technology everywhere you go to positively influence your brain-state. Deliver pure light direct to your inner eye accompanied by brainwave-infused Hemi-Sync® chanting and mind-altering tones.

    Compatible with any device that plays video. Download directly onto Android phones and tablets and play using your system’s movie app.

    Play and download videos directly to your iPhone and iPads by using a free app from the App Store such as Video Downloader, Video Searcher Downloader, Video Downloader and Player.

    Or download the movies to your desktop or laptop computer and then add them to your iTunes library. From iTunes use sync to copy them onto your iOS device; they will appear in the Videos app under the ‘Home Videos’ tab. (Note: This is the standard method for adding music and video acquired from a non-Apple vendor to an iOS device.)

    Aetheric MantraAetheric MantraAetheric MantraAetheric Mantra